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2022 Voice Actors

Griffin Burns was born on October 26, 1987 in Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA. Griffin is an actor, known for Batwheels (2022), Dragons Rescue Riders: Heroes of the Sky (2021) and The Addams Family 2 (2021).Genshin Impact Tartaglia Video Game (2020) Attack on Titan Colt Grice (2020-2022) and so much more!


Ricco Fajardo is an American voice actor who has provided voices for English versions of Japanese anime series and video games. Some of his roles include Taiju Oki in Dr. Stone, Itona Horibe in Assassination Classroom, Mirio Togata in My Hero Academia, Kotaro Tatsumi in Zombie Land Saga, Daryun in The Heroic Legend of Arslan, Tor Kokonoe in Absolute Duo, Leon Luis in Garo: The Animation, Kyousuke Munakata in Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak Academy and Haruhiro in Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash.


Phil Parsons (born November 8, 1968) is an American anime voice actor who works at Funimation. He is known for voicing Nappa in the Funimation dub of the Dragon Ball series, Kenny Ackerman in Attack on Titan, Renji Yomo in Tokyo Ghoul, Leonard Burns in Fire Force and Buccaneer in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Appearing: Sat, Sun

Philip Weber was born on May 11, 1966 in Dallas County, Texas, USA. He is an actor, known for Active Radioactive Radio (2016), Geoffrey Thorne's Dreamnasium (2019) and The Dixie Stenberg & Brassy Battalion Aventure Theatre (2006). He has been married to Linda Lee Kueker since September 14, 1996. They have two children.


Appearing: Sat, Sun

F4TE is a Central Florida dance group committed to creating a space for joy and collaboration. Each project brings something new and exciting to the stage. Brought together by fate, Jasper, Kuri, and Rafael strive to create a friendly and supportive environment within the idol community. With an eclectic mix of music and cosplay, F4TE's performances will shine bright across the stage! Come check out the group during the cosplay contest and the after con events.


Appearing: Sat, Sun

Appearing: Sat, Sun


Countess Alyx is a cosplayer from Jacksonville Florida, part of the community since 2007. Alyx emcees, performs with, and hosts events through North Florida and Georgia. Known for creating panels of inclusivity in the community and raising money for charity and the LGBTQ community.


Appearing: Sat, Sun

Appearing: Sat, Sun

Appearing: Sat, Sun

Come join the Bonbon Maid Café at Savannah Animazing! Bonbon Maid Café (previously Tigercon Maid Café) has been offering up sweet treats, adorable performances, and fun memories since 2019. Their maids and butlers cannot wait to meet and serve you! The café will be open from 11am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.


Michael Kovach is known for Hazbin Hotel  Angel Dust (2019), Murder Drones (2021) and Lackadaisy.

Ashley Nichols

Ashley is a professional freelance artist and is a cleanup artist for Hazbin Hotel. She is also a co-creator of her own animated series, Far-Fetched (formerly known as Hell Puppy), alongside Dave Capdevielle


Voice Actors
Creators / artist

2023 Cosplay Guest


International published Model , Cosplayer, streamer,

Pod Cast and Artist



Friday - Saturday- Sunday





Saturday- Sunday


achyTsundere is a Georgia based cosplayer and lifelong nerd who has been working at her craft for over 10 years! She specializes in makeup artistry and wig work, and always challenges herself to see how far her skills can go! 



Saturday- Sunday





Saturday- Sunday


Cosplayer and Fashion Designer 



Friday -Saturday- Sunday





Saturday- Sunday





Saturday- Sunday


Promproxy, a content creator as well as a photo editor, has been cosplaying for 3 years. They bring their cosplays to life through photography and photoshop manipulation. Learning these skills, Prom has been able to push their cosplay experience outside of just dressing up as the character. Through their work they have inspired many to take on photo editing throughout the community!



Saturday- Sunday

2023 Anime Cars!


2020 WRX


Appearing: Sat, Sun

Akame Ga Kill

2020 Mustang GT

Full Itasha Wrapped of Akame Ga Kill


Appearing: Sat, Sun

Rikka Takanashi

Rikka - 2021 Toyota Tacoma Rikka Takanashi themed Tacoma


Appearing: Sat, Sun

Mazda MX-5

2016 Mazda MX-5


Appearing: Sat, Sun

Bunny Rem+Ram

2011 Toyota Corolla S


Appearing: Sat, Sun

 Toyota Camry

2020 Toyota Camry


Appearing: Sat, Sun


2019 Toyota Camry, theme BLUELOCK


Appearing: Sat, Sun


2023 Video Gaming & Streaming

Retro Wolf

Wyatt 1991

Andy Pacman Case

Matt AKA RetroWolf88 on YouTube, is a Retro game collector who is going for a complete North American set of Nintendo GameCube games for the 2nd time, and documenting the entire journey through a series of entertaining retro game hunting videos on YouTube.


Jordan Wyatt is a us army veteran I'm a affiliate streamer on twitch. I love to make other people laugh and feel better. I stream to help my self and others get away from their real life. I have been streaming since September of 2019. i made affiliate on March 31st of 2021

My link is

Appearing: Sat, Sun

Appearing: Sat, Sun

Appearing: Sat, Sun

2023 Featured VendorsAuthors / Artist 

Otter Mage Designs

We are Oliver

Dishwasher safe waifu stickers with transparent clothing.  Yes.  You can put them in your shower, on your car, and on your cups.

Mix-n-match products for great discounts on swag for you and your friends. 

With over 200 designs of animals, RPG, food, memes, waifus, and Japan-inspired art on prints, keychains, buttons, stickers, and pillows, there’s something for everyone – and don’t worry!  It won’t be something you already have because it’s 100% original designs and 100% new! 

And, if you’re looking for something super special, Jade writes and illustrates an original Isekai action-adventure manga series called Game Over!  Available on e-readers and in physical print.

Otter Mage Designs by Jade is 100% original.

Original means only found here.


Hello! We are Oliver (He/Him) and Luna (They/Them). We are queer artists who both adore animated media. Oliver is a multimedia artist who sells prints, stickers, and keychains. He also sells physical works that are made from scrap materials he finds. Luna sells pins, stickers, art prints, handmade stuffies and earrings, as well as plushchains (Keychains designed to make characters look like little plushies)! We can’t wait to see you all at Savannah Animazing!

The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie

My name is Tim Reynolds. From Savannah, Ga. I make wood burned and laser engraved plaques with other wood or canvas items, with a twist. I been doing this just over a year now. My Instagram is FB is The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie LLC.


Bokuboyarts creates illustrations of anime characters, vtubers, and original characters! At Savannah Animazing they will be selling Posters and stickers!"

Sigma Comics

Sigma Comics fights animal abuse through Manga! Our comics and manga series works to promote charities that truly make a difference in the fight against animal abuse. Your money goes to a wonderful cause, and you get a great story tobboot! -

Retro Wolf

RetroWolf88 will have hundreds of Anime DVDs and Blu-Rays as well as some Anime VHS, a few Anime themed Pop Figures, Anime Themed Video Games, and more. The Anime DVD and Blu-Ray Inventory is in mostly mint condition and contains several complete series and rare out of print releases.

Top Chi Pins

Top Chi Pins strive to bring cool and unique items to your collections. From enamel pins to stickers, flags, posters and more - we hope to have something for everyone!

Fair Lady Gallery

A digital artist with a slight coffee addiction and running on no sleep. She sells art prints, stickers, buttons, bookmarks, and even commissions at conventions across the U.S."

Mad Shy Arts

Bring out your inner nerdy kid with a big selection of goods from professional artist, Madshy! MadshyArts has been doing illustration, character design, and original merchandise  for over five years, and her many different products are sure to bring a smile to your face. Madshy’s fun, storybook-style characters dance across a range of enamel pins, shirts, stickers, patches, handmade bow ties, plush creations and more. Her huge variety of premade “Nerd” badges are there to rep your unique fandoms & aesthetics  in the cutest way possible! Be sure to stop by for a daily dose of “awwh!

Orange You Glad

Stickers, Flags, Charms, Jewelry, Posters and Squishmallows.


Sailor Shrimpp

I’m Sailor Shrimpp - Everything here is crab! I sell cute and educational illustrations of crustaceans printed on stickers, prints, keychains and more. I also write and draw comics telling the stories of brave, cute, and cool crustaceans

Wind-Up Hero Studios

Wind-Up Hero Studios

My name is Alejandro and I’m an artist from San Antonio, TX. My art style is inspired by retro manga from the 60s such as Cyborg 009 and Astro Boy. I have been self publishing comic books since 2016. On top of that, I also design enamel pins, with cute original designs based on animals and critters that I like

Late Night Anime

Late night anime strive to bring cool and unique items to your collections. From enamel pins to stickers, flags, posters and more - we hope to have something for everyone!

What's Clackin

"What's Clackin has the highest quality Bamboo Fans. We make cool fans for hot people, or is it hot fans for cool people?"

Mad Shy Arts

We strive to bring you great handmade products. Our goal is to bring your vision to life. If you have a vision bring it to us.
What is Paracord?
Paracord, also known as parachute cord or 550 cord, was and is still used by the US Military for their parachutes. It has many uses as a utility. There are 7 inner strands that can be used to sew or fish. The 7 inner strands combined with the outside can hold 550 pounds.

With that we make Bracelets, Dog Collars, Leashes, Key chains, Headbands, Survival Bracelets, Character Bracelets, Light UP bracelets, Lanyards, Crosses

Wares of Wonder

At Wares of Wonder we make and sell handmade items for your tabletop games.  Dice, bags, trinkets, accessories.



pins, keychains, charms, t-shirts, boardgames,and bows.


igital illustrator here in Atlanta, GA.

I made and sell original art prints, enamel and acrylic pins, stickers, shirts and other fun con goods!

I hope you’ll get to stop at my table for some cool things too!”

Strewberry Rehab

Hai, my name is Marian but my artist name is Strawberry Rehab. My art is inspired by anime. The fan-art I sell are as prints, stickers, and keychains.

I also sell variety of handmade strawberry clay keychains.

Wood Burned Art Gallery


Hihi! My name is Lumi and this is my first con to be an artist at! I'm Alabamaian based and I focus on Korean aesethic designs and the otome fandom.

I'll have small prints, enamel pins, stickers, car decals, small black and white paintings, paper art, and quilling jewerly.
Find me at:



Thank you,


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