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Otaku Flea Market


Animazing will be holding it's

5th annual Otaku yard sale

(fan run marketplace).

For a few hours on Friday night, tables will be set up, and Animazing attendees like you can go shopping for, anime items and all kinds of merch. The Otaku yard sale is an anime garage sale without the garage, a flea market without the fleas, Tsukiji fish market without any fish!


JANUARY 19th, 2024


This is our 5th year hosting the Otaku yard sale. Please read this carefully and contact us if you have any questions. The Otaku Yard Sale is a marketplace primarily for the sale of used licensed anime merchandise, Although some non-anime items are allowed, the majority of items will be anime. We are never exactly sure what people are going to sell, so we encourage all sellers to post on the face book event page if you will be joining us Friday! That'll also be the best place to find more information about the Otaku Yard Sale, and if you have any questions or concerns about the Otaku Yard Sale it is the best place to get quick answers. If you plan to attend this event please remember:

  • Sometimes the high temperature outside, combined with the number of people inside, can overwhelm the AC units at The Otaku Yard Sale can become uncomfortably hot. We recommend that you dress light, drink water, and be ready to sweat a bit.

  • The Otaku Yard Sale is also my get crowded early in the night. If you are not comfortable with tight crowds then we recommend that you start shopping later. 

  • Everything sold at The Otaku Yard Sale, even items that are claimed to be new, should always be considered "used" and being sold "as-is". Please be aware and shop smart. Look carefully before you buy. Always talk to the sellers and ask questions first. However, you must not touch, unwrap, nor open any merchandise without first receiving permission from the seller. It's not your property until you pay for it!

  • While you are welcome to haggle and negotiate with sellers, this is optional and sellers are not obliged to entertain every offer. Sometimes the price listed or quoted will be the final price.

  • If you have found or lost anything at The Otaku Yard Sale please locate s member of the staff to help you.

  • Finally, if you have any problems or issues with an item, seller, or anyone during the The Otaku Yard Sale, please come see staff  right away. If you think a seller is not following the rules, even if you are not sure, please let us know. The only opportunity to correct a problem is wen it happens.


If you wish to join us and go shopping, that's about all you’ll need to know and we look forward to seeing you at The Otaku Yard Sale, Animazing is also hosting our game night on Friday as well, after you done shopping come play some video games and hang out with us!


Sellers have the option to offer a great variety of items that are of common interest to the average Anime North attendee; including items that may not be "anime", but still fall within the sphere of Anime North fan culture. However, The Otaku Yard Sale remains primarily for the sale of licensed anime and video game merchandise. This is defined as something that has been professionally mass produced and includes copyright information. Items under this category include DVD's, figures, manga, collectibles, etc.

Set-up is 4 pm to 9 pm for those selling to set up in advance but all are welcome to set up during. You will be guided to your location by staff. Vendor hall is not open to the public vendors only.

  • Anything you sell needs to be anime or video game related.

  • art or crafted items are allowed.

  • Space is open on a first-come first-served basis.

  • If things get really packed, please try to consolidate your stuff so that more people can fit in.

  • Bring a blanket in case you need to set up on the floor.

  • Please no bootleg DVDs, CDs, etc.

  • No raffles, games of chance, or soliciting donations.

  • No tables or chairs will be provided 

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